Our mission

We were born at the sea. We were raised on its coast. We spent countless days looking for small pieces of amber that the sea reluctantly gave up through fall and spring storms, fresh northern winds. The coast was vast, the precious stones were small and scarcely spread and yet throughout generations our families had managed to collect whole lockers of these “tears of pines”.


We have grown up and what we do now is not that different. We search for little gems of emotions; feelings that speak from heart to heart through the magic of music. The coast is vast again. Nuggets of pure creative genius are often obscured by time and by negligence, veiled by the indifference of history. But we never give up looking. And we do not keep what we have found to ourselves – we have chosen to share our treasures with the whole world.


We have travelled far and wide and on our journeys we have traded our treasures to wonderful foreign ones. Our lockers are now filled with great variety of styles, approaches, genres and techniques. But we still hold our amber aspirations dearest of them all.


About us

Egīls Šēfers, clarinet

Toms Ostrovskis, piano

Marta Spārniņa, violin

Antti Kortelainen, violin

Ineta Abakuka, viola

Ēriks Kiršfelds, cello

Amber Coast Artists is a new classical chamber music platform that aims at promotion of chamber music from the Baltic region both regionally and internationally. It unites some of the leading classical artists of the younger generation form the Baltic countries. Our artists have gained international acclaim as members of Kremerata Baltica, Danish woodwind quintet Carion, Latvian National Opera, memebrs of faculty of Latvian Academy of Music, and members of Sinfonietta Riga chamber orchestra. 


This unique chamber music platform is a new project, however the musicians that participate in this project have been collaborating with each other for over ten years. These collaborations have included not only a vast variety of chamber music performances and recordings but also numerous commissions of new works by such composers as A. Dzenītis, M. Dombrovska, Ē. Ešenvalds, S. Bušs, J. Petraškēvičš, S. Ratniece and others. Members of the group have been awarded high honors for their creative activities, including the The Great Music Award - a top classical music award in Latvia. 


The unique composition of the group creates virtually endless programming possibilities, drawing from the rich classical repertoire starting from works from solo instruments and ending with sextet. This unique platform also allows for collaboration with artists outside its core. In the season of 2011/2012 Amber Coast Artists are participating in concert programs with award winning soprano Sonora Vaice (trio program Schumann, Schubert and Latvians) and pastor Krists Kalniņš (Messiaen’s Quartet For The End Of Time). We strive to achieve a good balance of classical standard repertoire and contemporary works by Baltic composers in our programs.













 Egīls Šēfers, clarinet            Toms Ostrovskis, piano           Spīķeru String Quartet


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